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Simon Elkinson discusses LinkedIn's "Open to Work" banner.

Updated: Jul 10

Our Director and Founder discusses the somewhat tricky subject...

Using the "Open to Work" banner on your LinkedIn profile can be beneficial, but it also has some potential drawbacks. Here are the pros and cons to consider:



Increased Visibility

Attracts Recruiters: The banner signals to recruiters that you are actively looking for new opportunities, increasing the likelihood of them reaching out.

Networking: Connections and recruiters who see the banner might think of you for roles they are aware of, even if they aren’t actively hiring.



Clear Communication: It clearly communicates your current job search status, eliminating any guesswork for recruiters or hiring managers.

Support from Network: Your network may offer support, advice, or job leads once they know you are open to new opportunities.


Algorithm Boost

LinkedIn Algorithm: Using the "Open to Work" feature can increase your visibility in LinkedIn’s search results, making it easier for potential employers to find your profile.



Perception Issues

Desperation Signal: Some may perceive the banner as a sign of desperation, which could impact how they view your candidacy.

Current Employer Awareness: If you are currently employed and your employer sees the banner, it might lead to uncomfortable conversations or even jeopardise your current job.



Bias: Some employers might prefer candidates who are currently employed, viewing them as more desirable or up-to-date with industry practices.


Potential for Spam

Increased Unwanted Contact: The banner might attract more spam or unsolicited messages from recruiters or third-party services.



For Active Job Seekers

Unemployed: If you are currently not working, the banner can be a useful tool to increase your visibility and job prospects.

Ready for New Opportunities: If you are ready to transition immediately and don't need to hide your job search from your current employer, the banner can speed up your job search process.


For Passive Job Seekers

Discretion Needed: If you are currently employed and do not want your employer to know you are looking, it’s better to use LinkedIn’s discreet option to notify only recruiters.

Selective Opportunities: If you are only passively looking, you might prefer to rely on your network and less visible signals of interest.



Deciding whether to use the "Open to Work" banner depends on your current employment situation, your level of job search activity, and your comfort with publicising your job search. Weighing the pros and cons can help you make an informed decision that aligns with your professional goals and circumstances.

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Simon Elkinson

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