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Why F1 is a Fan of Technology and Technology is a Fan of F1

Updated: Jul 10

Our Director and Founder Simon Elkinson has been speaking to a lot of CIOs about their next career move in H1 of this year and a common subject to come up is Formula 1. Simon is a huge F1 fan and loves the sport and, it seems lots of people in IT feel the same way.

F1 is a great example of how technology and data can be harnessed by an organisation to allow its people to perform at the highest level. Technology firms know this and that is why they now dominate sponsoring the cars much like the tobacco firms in the 80s and 90s. A quick look at the livery of the top teams reveals some of the biggest technology businesses in the world Qualcomm, IBM, Google, SAP, Oracle etc.

It is easy to be seduced by a shiny new thing or what's in the upper right square of a magic quadrant. However, Boards, CEOs, MDs, and SLTs need expert IT leadership to ensure any product or solution is fit for purpose and implemented correctly. Get this wrong and you could burn money, wreck your business, or end up in front of a public enquiry...

If you are a business leader looking to find a new CIO or you're an IT Leader and want to speak to an experienced head-hunter about your career options, the current market conditions or indeed hashtag F1 reach out and we can book a call in for H2.

Piccadilly One is an IT recruitment business Putting Humans Above Technology. We recruit the Number One IT Leader in an organisation and that persons Direct Reports.

Simon Elkinson

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